This Week’s Link Round Up From A Slip Of A Girl

A bit of this, a little of that…

“Maybe the Minx is just a down to earth girl who wants to play more than one role in this life. Maybe she’d like to play as many roles as she can because she knows one day death is going to strip us all of our costumes and make us completely equal in the grave.” Linnea Chiang in The Minx.

Would You Trade Your Smarts for Bigger Breasts or a Smaller Waist? Sad survey results. *heavy sigh*

Sex Kittens give catsuit tips — Meow!

Jay Herbert fashion label history for you collectors and fashionistas.

Image credits: Mable Lee, “Queen of the Soundies” on the March 1947 cover of Ebony, sent to me by the lovely Bijoux.

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