Vintage Lucie Ann Lingerie

Glamorous stars such as Eva Gabor, Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor wore Lucie Ann lingerie.

Many of us remember, whether we know it or not, Lucie Ann’s iconic nighties from reruns of 1970s television shows. Lucie designed all of the peignoir sets worn by Eva Gabor on the 1960’s series Green Acres.

And Elizabeth Montgomery wore Lucie Ann lingerie on TVs Bewitched.

(These vintage clouds of nylon with frou-frou pom-pon ties, now sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Both long and short styles.)

Scenes from one episode of Bewitched were filmed inside the Lucie Ann Salon! Here’s a clip — go to the 8:50 minute mark to see it!

In 1988, at the age of 75, Lucie Onderwyzer passed away and Lucie Ann Lingerie was sold to Deena Lingerie Company, and the “Lucie Ann II” line began. In 1996, Deena Lingerie was sold to the Lady Ester Lingerie Company — and the Lucie Ann name along with it. Lady Ester is still manufacturing the Lucie Ann line, though, in my opinion, these pieces are not quite as fabulous as the vintage ones.

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