Sho-Nuff, It’s Sho-Form

I seriously have bra construction on my mind these days. So naturally I’m intrigued by these Nu Adjust Bras by Sho-Form Brassieres of Hollywood.

The visually striking and appealing design is more than alluring too — it’s what provides the “custom-made comfort”. From the original sales tag:

The Nu Adjust Brassiere was designed in Hollywood to provide the maximum in permanent, comfortable, uplift. Specially patented inner bands allow you to adjust the uplift so that it does the most for your figure. These inner bands give you added support inside the brassiere cup and lift the breasts from the front and underneath. They should not be used as pockets. Simply adjust the catch on each cross strap along until you feel that the uplift is giving you the comfortable yet firm support you want.

Strange Vintage went through the trouble to research this bra — including finding the original drawings at the patent office website.

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