Shhh, It’s A Valentine’s Day Secret!

I went shopping at Lane Bryant today. I didn’t mean to, really. (Hubby, I swear I didn’t! lol) But a friend asked me to come along and give my opinion on her last minute Valentine’s Day lingerie purchase — how could I refuse? But then I discovered a little something…

Big busted gals, you know how finding a babydoll nightie that fits your Girls is like, well, pretty damn near impossible? Well, I highly recommend checking Lane Bryant for Cacique babydolls. Not only were there some adorable styles (in purple yet!), but these babydolls have larger cups — which means you can find one that fits!

Sure, from the underbust on down, it will be a little (or more than a little) large, but babydolls are supposed to be flowy. Flowy while showy. *wink*

At $46.95 they aren’t cheap — but they aren’t outrageous for what you get either:

* Adjustable straps and an adjustable back, just like on a real bra

* Adorable frilly details

* A matching sheer thong or g-string (this may or may not fit – not that I’d wear it anyway, so I gave it to my friend)

Best discovery in contemporary lingerie — at the mall — in ages!

As for what exactly I did get, well, hubby gets first peek! Keep an eye at Fickle Knickers because I just might post a pic there. *wink*

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