A Slip Of A Girl Has Fickle Knickers

Just before the end of last year, I met another local vintage lingerie enthusiast — nearly literally bumping into her as we both were eyeballing a round-rack of lingerie at a thrift shoppe. (I was bent over, looking for long hems as the giveaway for vintage nightgowns and peignoirs — shh! That’s one of my shopping secrets!)

Long story short, Caitlin and I quickly began gabbing about lingerie and have become fast friends. Together we enable one another in our vintage lingerie addictions — and we’ve emboldened on another too.

Since Caitlin is an artist, with a great camera, she offered to take some photos of me in my vintage lingerie for my husband for Valentine’s Day. We began with some Riesling wine, which I especially needed if I was going to pose, and before we knew it (a bottle later), we ended up committing ourselves to putting the photos up on the web!

Not just the photo of myself I posted at the end of the third (and last) discussion regarding panties over or under garter belts

(Taking a sip of wine now to confess the rest!)

…But an entire site — or, more precisely, one site for each of us.

Here’s a photo of Caitlin from her site, LingerieStockingGirl.com. Go take a look. I’ll sip a little more wine while I wait…

As you can see, she’s a pretty little blonde. (And she too agrees with me that the garters go over the panties!)

…Now for my new site…

(Another sip of wine and a deep breath in… Then out…)

It’s called Fickle Knickers. And I’m still working on it. But that’s where I will be posting photos of me, like this one below, for members. (Not that I’ll ever be nude there, but I don’t want to be discussing anything inappropriate with minors. Plus, there’s a lot more work to this than you think!)

I’ve quite a few photo sets to upload yet, and Caitlin and I have plans to take more photos soon. But if I had a decent camera of my own, then I’m sure hubby would help take them too. (Which not only means he’d have more fun with this little project, but I wouldn’t always have to bother Caitlin, use her apartment, etc.) But time will tell if it’s worth it…

I hope those of you interested in seeing me in my vintage lingerie like the new site.

Blushingly yours,
A Slip Of A Girl

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