Say "Happy Valentine’s Day!" With A Bullet!

One of my fellow Greedy Snobs, Miss Pinkie Galore, sent in this Valentine’s Day gift suggestion:

One of my fave pieces of lingerie is my emerald green satin bullet bra from Secrets in Lace.

Throughout my years of vintage lingerie collecting, I’ve found many circle stitch bullet bras, but never any in MY size, so when I discovered that SIL made them, I just had to have! I don’t remember which minion purchased it for me, but I’m so glad he did!

Here is a pic of me wearing it:

However, I am still lacking the pointy cup inserters for the tips. It makes my goods pretty pointy without, but I’d love to have that super sharp deadly tip ;) If you’re interested in purchasing the tips or other lingerie for me, contact me!

I guess that just might be saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with two bullets. *wink*

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