Cooing Over Vintage Gay Baby Panties

I have to thank a member of my Lingerie Lovers club at Greedy Snobs (more info here) for showing me this vintage ad for the Gay Baby Panty, from Circe Foundations, Inc., which dates to 1948.

This panty fits in with the history of the babydoll (not to be confused with Baby Moll lol). These panties share more than the “baby” name as the puckered panty is to resemble the ruffled rhumba panties of little girls. Don’t let the date of 1948 fool you either; the Tennessee Williams’ plays which would become Baby Doll in 1956 date to the mid 1940s.

I found one Gay Baby Panty for sale at Esty. Don’t let the photo of these vintage black panties on the hanger fool you — these are very sexy panties when worn. (Shirred or puckered panties are fabulously fun to wear too.)

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