I Prefer What These Pink Sweethearts Have To Say

Those conversational candy Sweethearts are nice, but why settle for what they have to say when you can listen to the whispers of these vintage pink nightgowns? Far more romantic, I say. And just enough “tart” to keep things interesting!

This vintage lilac pink peignoir set, Designed by Lady Leonora, features rows of sugar-white lace ruffles on the bodice. It says, “Come hither & nibble!”

This little number leaves little to the imagination — it’s like you’ve been sugar-coated in the sweetest frosting glaze. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on the details! Ultra sheer pink chiffon nylon — pleated, even! — and trimmed in lace. It says, “Be mine!”

This vintage Godfried Original negligee and peignoir set says “I’ll love you Forever”.

This vintage Seamprufe nylon peignoir set in the palest of pinks says, “I’d do it all over again!” with a sheer lace midriff and pink rosebud embroidery.

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