This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up Is About Corsets!

In following the spirit of the lovely layers of corsetry post

Over two years ago, Deanna Dahlsad debunked myths about corsets. I pointed out her researched articles out here before — but you should check all three of the posts out because they explore everything from the myths of physical dangers and sexual repression to the cultural moments of feminists making strange bedfellows:

What If Everything You Knew About The Corset Was Wrong?

Corsets Are Too Sexy?

Corsets Bound To Stay Suffrage

The other reason I mention her stellar posts again is because Collectors Weekly has a similar article about inaccurate corset history; it’s a shorter single post, and a bit less thinky than Deanna’s, but it’s interesting and supports her research in it’s own way.

Now that you know the truth about corsets, the only thing deadly about them may just be how killer they look! (Or the name — as in this Blue DeVille Underbust Corset from Kiss Me Deadly, shown in this post.)

Continuing the corset links…

Along with the traditional history of the Victorian corset, here are some bittersweet memories of old fashioned underthings, including corsets. Perhaps a bit too practical for those who prefer the romance to the realities of the past. *wink*

Let’s not forget about men in corsets. Once just a part of any child’s dressing, and so worn by men too, the corset now makes a sexy comeback for men too. (The post is safe, but the site in general is NWS.)

Are you in the mood for a corset now? Check out Five Popular Myths Debunked.

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