Léa Seydoux: A Woman We Love — To See In Lingerie

Regular A Slip Of A Girl reader tarzanzardoz alerted me (us) to this photo of Léa Seydoux in Esquire (January 2012 issue). Hubby no longer has a subscription to Esquire magazine. (Or he’s been hiding issues? *wink*) This is just the sort of thing I could usually zip on over to frankufotos Lingerie for, however he seems to be suffering from tech issues and not able to keep up with our lingerie loving demands. (I understand, but still I pout and hope for his swift return!) Anyway, I had to search for this two-page photo of Lea and found this scan at Celebutopia. Click the pic; it gets big! (The image, I mean *giggle*) I don’t see any shopping info in the scan, so I don’t know where the leather or leather looking bra, garters and panties came from…

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