An Eclectic (And Rather Rantie) Girlie Link Round-Up This Week

Fabulous film and beauty history alert! Deanna resurrects the life and times of a vintage African-American pinup and actress — Vera Francis.

I mentioned this at my other blog last week: Twiggy, the rescue dog and mascot of Chloe‘s Girlie Girl Army had cancer and needed surgery. You find a widget on the site to donate, or you can shop here to help! I had to mention it again because lingerie has been added. So get your lingerie on and help a dog and her family!

In case you missed this beautiful response to an ugly story… I’m The ‘Scary’ Model In That Awful Ashley Madison Ad. So many conflicting tears!

You’ve probably heard the news that Whoopie Goldberg and I have something in common: phone sex. (Here too.) Gracie has a nice little link round-up post that covers all I could and more on the subject.

Icky Vicky is back in the news for being, well, icky: Victoria’s Secret caught using slave child labor in West Africa.

Related: Check out The Slavery Footprint Calculator, which shows you how your consumer acts affect the enslavement of people, including children.

In Lingerie & Love, the philosophical questioning is almost too weird for me, so I’ll quote it:

Clothes are not like photographs that you can simply discard or never look at again; you have to wear clothes every day, and they are physical reminders of a person you cannot ignore. I can’t help but wonder how other women who fall in and out of love deal with their closets afterwards: Do they sit and stare at the red dress from their one-year anniversary? Do they burn it instead? What about something truly intimate, like lingerie?

The lingerie market is a $2.6 billion a year industry. After spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on lace and silk, do women then just discard it? Is it a form of betrayal of an ex’s memory if a woman wears what she wore for one man with another? Can you wear the same lingerie with the next man you fall in love with and grow emotionally detached from the item? Is there something shallow about investing emotions in a piece of fabric? Do you just have to wait for the right amount of time to pass before wearing it again, or is it better to just get rid of it or send it to The Salvation Army accept it?

I’m too tired/lazy/busy/bemused to create an ID there to comment, but here are my thoughts: Who the heck says clothes aren’t just like photographs in the sense that they just can’t be discarded or ignored?! If you are that convinced your lingerie is irreparably linked to your former love or lover, and that bothers you, get rid of it.

Image credits: No Newt Is Good Newt pinback — get one!

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