The Pleasures Of Panties Under Garter Belts

I’ve already answered the question about which comes first, the panties or the garters — by saying that panties definitely belong under the garters. But Greg raised it again and so I thought I reminder was in order…

Yes, it may seem impractical to place the panties beneath the garters. But since when does fine ladylike accoutrement equal practicality?

Looking like a lady — in terms of the classic definitions of “feminine” and “ladylike” — is also about acting like a lady. And that’s not about practicality.

Wearing layers of lingerie, especially classic lingerie pieces, is about enjoying the aspects of being a woman, not about ease of things. Yes, we want the lingerie to fit properly, to flatter us and feel comfortable; but these items of intimate apparel are not about who can, well, pee the quickest. Why do you think there were (are?) all those jokes about how long it takes a woman to go to use the facilities? It does take us longer. Especially when we are there, undoing and then redoing all the bits of glamour which, by definition, are charms that accent us, enhance us, to glorify us. And that means more than reapplying lipstick, you know.

We enjoying having you wait — knowing we’re worth the wait.

I think that’s why so many of us enjoy wearing classic lingerie pieces — be it authentic vintage or vintage styled. Because we enjoy taking the time, making the time, to celebrate our femininity. Not only to celebrate ourselves in a world dominated by negative statements about, attitudes towards, and laws limiting women. But it can be a real luxury to slow down and enjoy the experience of being a woman when our lives are also so busy they dictate time-saving-practicality. It’s our defense against the rush-rush — even if we keep it hush-hush.

If dressing, and undressing, were all about practicality, we’d only wear jeans. Or, when wearing dresses and skirts, pantyhose. No, practicality isn’t the reason.

Lingerie isn’t only about the romance of others, the appeal to men, or our desires to attract me.  How can it be when we wear it everyday but keep it hidden? You see, lingerie romances us too. It goes way past the appearance, wearing it alone or how it affects our fashions, to affect our feelings about ourselves — including, but not limited to, the experiences of engaging in enjoyable. Maybe we can’t indulge everyday… But as often as we can, we do.

Image Credits: Ivory lace garter belt over blue satin panties via Nanettes Vintage of Penny Lane, black embroidered lingerie, featuring a lovely embroidered garter belt, from Secrets In Lace, and Bettie Page.

UPDATE: Another follow-up on the issue!

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