Of Sheer Blouses, Lingerie, & Swim Suits?

To begin with, I found this photo of Barbara Stanwyck at Jaynie’s blog

The closest in style, spirit and feel — as well as the most affordable — sheer black blouse I found like Stanwyck’s is the Danielle Sheer Blouse at Secrets In Lace.

I’m sure we all agree this is a lovely look, but if you want a more elegant, flirty, sophisticated rather than slutty look, what can you really wear beneath it?  Sure, you can opt for a black cami, but doesn’t that rather remove the flirty tease?

If you’re in love with the look, but are more modest than Madonna, why not consider swimwear instead of lingerie?  Swim suits are made to be more modest; they have more substantial linings and are designed not to let too much show.  And when there are swimsuits like Norma Kamali’s lace collection, what’s to stop you?

It certainly screams “Vintage!”

In fact, Kamali has several swimwear pieces which could function as regular fashion pieces… For example, why just swim in this when you can wear it with hose and heels and dance the night away?  I’d rather feel the dry skirt caress my legs than wet any day. *wink*

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