Romantic & Sweet, Makes The Lounging Lingerie Ensemble Complete

My favorite slippers, now 20 years old, have long-lived their life and so even though I forced another year out of them, I had to face the fact: It’s time to replace them. (I’d show you just how bad they look, but I’d be embarrassed. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, they are nearly real!) But finding them wasn’t easy… They used to be called the Isotoner Boudoir Slipper — and you know I remembered the name ‘cuz I love it. *wink* But I finally found them!

Now they are called Isotoner Embroidered Pearl Satin Ballerina Slippers: Stretch satin uppers and contoured insoles for that great Isotoner fit, and suede soles so you don’t slip. But it’s the delicate combination of embroidery and faux pearls that make them worthy of love and affection over the years… A great gift.  A great stocking stuffer or add-on with your gift of lingerie — especially, guys, if you want your doll to feel pampered and adored, not pressured into sex.

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