Feminist Lingerie Musings (A Link Round-Up)

At Forbes, there’s this article, Can I Still Be A Feminist If I…?, that probably should make me feel like the world’s not so much against me as ignorant. But I think I may throw up at the idea that the ignorance is so widespread. A similar, more lingerie specific post here, with a few more positive comments. …But why do we still even need to talk about this? Is it even a real issue?

Please tell me it isn’t.

Bad taste out of my mouth, we move along…

Deanna also interviews Ali Cudby — whose book, Busted!, I’m giving away copies of in this contest. In the second part of her interview, Deanna includes the brilliant observation that Ali’s book is comperable to the seminal feminist work, Our Bodies, Ourselves. (Rather jealous I didn’t think of that myself!)

Also, Deanna tells us the tale of a lovely women lost to history, her contemporaries, and even her family. She “often painted outdoors, clad only in lingerie” in the 1920s.

Image credits: Vintage postcard of Polly Holladay in her shop named Polly’s Useful Shop. Photo taken by Jessie Tarbox Beals. The jingle reads: “If you want to buy some lingerie/ Silk stockings or a brush/ You’ll find that Polly Holladay/ Will get’em in a rush. She has easy chairs for comfort/ And a welcome hand for all/ So if you’re near to Polly’s Shop/Just go in and call.” Via Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City.

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