Get Her To Bed — In Lingerie! (A Guide For Beautiful Sleepwear)

This post is along the lines of my getting your lady to wear stockings post, as over the years I’ve received a lot of questions about the matter of getting your lady to wear nightgowns (as opposed to sleep shirts and loungewear).

There are many different pieces of lingerie, and like the Play Wear Vs Day Wear issue, there are practical concerns regarding lingerie that is comfortable to actually sleep in. Comfort is a physical thing, not just an emotional one of confidence in appearance.

I know you men are continually amazed at all the intricate matters of practicality and fit, so I hope I can outline a few things for you to consider in terms of your special lady and her needs. If this post doesn’t solve your needs, remember, I’m nearby

Strapping Her In

Lingerie ought to be comfortable to sleep in. That means it should feel comfortable — but, especially for larger busted ladies, not too loose in the bodice.

One of the evilest creations known to womankind can be sleepwear with spaghetti straps. Yes, tiny little straps are dainty and sexy, but many women dislike the scale of such tiny straps on lingerie in their size and they are uncomfortable with so much unflattering arm showing. (You don’t have to take my word for it. There’s a great post which includes a discussion of this — and other — issues at Treacle’s blog. I left a comment there when it was first posted, that’s how I knew to go find the post; but I don’t know where it went…)

What’s worse is what happens when you have an ample bosom and try to wear nighties with suck itty-bitty straps… While you move in your sleep, the garment will slide around, and you’ll wake up from the pain of at least one breast twisted-in or roped-off by a thin strap. What. A. Horror.

To avoid this, get your lady love lingerie with real straps, modest coverage at the bust — and a figure-hugging bodice.

The classic nylon stretch bodices of vintage Olga nightgowns are excellent examples of this. They hug, caress, keep The Girls lovingly in an embrace all through the night. Breasts neither find themselves twisted in too-skinny straps nor bound-up in the front of the neckline.

Is She Hot Stuff?

You don’t have to remember her many complaint of her legs being too hot — or even just disliking too much fabric tangling ’round her legs (Though you really should be listening to her!) to know if she doesn’t feel comfortable in a nightgown — just look at what she is wearing to bed!  If she wears sleep shirts, t-shirts, a cami paired with panties, etc., then opt for a sleepwear which won’t make her too hot under the collar at the idea of sleeping in it.

There are short nighties, like babydolls — Shirley of Hollywood makes plus size babydoll sets, for example.

These issues of comfortable yet secure breasts — yet not too long –are why slips are still comfortable sleeping options. Since vintage might be more difficult to find in your lady’s size, look for modern made full-slips — including Shadowline.  (See also: “Slips For Big Boobs.”)

Giving You — Or Lingerie — The Cold Shoulder?

Don’t overlook giving your lady the full lingerie treatment — that means a matching peignoir!  Not only is this lovely and glamorous, but the comfort of being more covered (in terms of warmth and modesty) increases the odds that she’ll put on the set to lounge about in, be it reading in bed or watching TV on the sofa. Along with the above sets shown, there’s the Roamans Plus Size Long Tricot and Lace Peignoir Set.

Still Think She’ll Have Cold Feet?

If it’s the literal kind — actual cold feet, consider including matching hosiery. Since this is for sleeping, I don’t mean stockings; I mean socks. It might be regular-old-socks or tights in colors to match the lingerie.

Or how about super snuggly knit over-the-knee socks?  How about these super sexy, uber comfy, cotton thigh-high socks?!

In general, think of her comfort, recall her comments, and you can find a way to meet in the middle. *wink*

Image Credits Not Directly Noted Above: Vintage Olga nightgown bodice, via Sweet Cherry Vintage.

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