Vintage Black Lace Hi-Waist Panties

Speaking of black hi-waist panties… Let’s not forget the vintage varieties! Oh no, that simply wouldn’t do at this blog!

These vintage sheer black high-waist (full-cut) panties by Rogers have that 1960s sass: lace and sheer ruffles at the leg openings.

These vintage Gotham Gold Stripe full-cut black nylon panties with a pillow tab waist have a black lace panel front with diagonal black satin strips and ruffles of lace around the legs.

These vintage Movie Star nylon panties have a sheer black lace front panel.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget vintage Vanity Fair! Sheer nylon lace front and, yes, they have a pillow tab!

A vintage pair of black lace panties with high French-cut legs and scalloped leg openings.

Whoa Nettie! Nettie Rosenstein, that is. From the 1950’s, these panties have lots of black lace ruffles — in vertical rows — and little light blue velvet bows at the legs.

In vintage black shapers and panty girdles, there’s this stunning vintage black panty girdle with four metal garters from Gotham.

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