My First Frederick’s Of Hollywood Christmas (Technically Speaking)

Technically I was alive when the 1964 Frederick’s Of Hollywood catalog was born… Here’s what was on some of the pages…

If you want the looks (the fashion looks and the looks from admirers), you’ll need the lingerie! (You knew that, right?) A good start are the plunging, push-up bras and bustiers — note the incredible bustier that you can unbutton and leave open. Insanely sexy!

From the “nothing is really new” files… The high heels with the corset-style lacing on the backs.

A topless babydoll nightie… Maybe just call it a skirt? *wink*

And, from the “Eeeiiwww!” files, the “Air-Lite Inflatable” bra. Not that inflatable is so bad — but marketing it with a woman looking like she’s sucking from a straw in her bra is, well, “Eeeiiwww!”

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