The Death Knell Of My Favorite Holiday Bra

Preparing for the holidays and going through the special lingerie drawer, I find myself devastated: My favorite holiday or special occasion bra is kaput.*sob*

While this prompts me to remind you to assess your own holiday lingerie wardrobe asap (and to remind myself to make a post with my other recommendations for that too), I also feel compelled to write about the bra I miss…

This much beloved bra that I now morn is the Dream Strapless by Le Mystère (#9755).

I loved this bra — nearly to death, actually, because I wore it so often.

At many family gatherings (especially when I’m raising daughters and must role model what “acceptable” is), I don’t feel comfortable with a plunging neckline. Instead, I opt for a wide neckline that allows me to show off some of my decollatage. And some of my more bold special occasion necklaces. (Something a true jewel neckline really doesn’t allow, despite it’s name.) So I typically opt for dresses and tops with scooped or square necklines. And the Dream Strapless was perfect for this.

The removable straps are comfortably off to the side while miraculously managing to stay up on my (too narrow for my bustline, say most bra makers) shoulders. In fact, the Dream Strapless was so comfortable, I found myself wearing the bra at least once a week.

Le Mystère no longer makes this bra. Story of my bra-buying life. *sigh* However, you can find them at Amazon and, for a few bucks cheaper even, at eBay.

I should say that I’ve seen the stock number 9755 associated with both the names Baroque and Renaissance, and as Dream Shapeless and/or Shameless. What you’re looking for here is the number: 9755. I can make that much of the label on my bra out.

FYI, even though I suspect the Dream Strapless bra would have been up to the task, I’m not comfortable going completely strapless at these holiday with family events either.

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