Forget About Fries With That Shake; It’s Now Cookies With Your Milk

Momma raised me to think the black bra beneath a white shirt was a serious no-no. Even back in my 80s Madonna days, I refrained. (Black bras, bustiers and teddies went beneath sheer black tops and bodysuits, though.) This too-obvious-for-my-tastes-trend of a black bra beneath a white shirt has become so popular with celebs (remember, though, many of today’s celebs don’t wear panties, so we can’t trust them!) that it even has a name: Milk & Cookies.

And here I was, thinking that Marie Bello did so in Prime Suspect (exposing her black Cosabella Ever Soft Bra) simply because she was a cop — and perhaps too busy to do laundry.

OK, I honestly didn’t think that; I raised an eyebrow in disbelief and sputtered at the screen.

And I knew who the prime suspect was in this case: Most writers and producers are male and so believe in the women wearing black lingerie are wicked myth. But it really is wicked, you know. *wink*

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