If You Like What I Do Here…

If you like what I do here at A Slip Of A Girl, I’d like to remind you of a few things…

First, did you know that as a frequent visitor of this blog you may be missing out on the people who act like my bra and support me and this blog? Yup, it’s true! If you use an ad-blocker or simply don’t do a “hard refresh” of the site when you get here, you could be missing the fine folks who pay for advertising! And let’s face it, while I won’t do paid posts (UGH!), honest advertising and other money does keep me here for you.

Sp, please consider disabling ad blocking programs (I promise, I don’t use annoying pop-ups or anything!). And remember to do a hard refresh, just to make sure you aren’t missing anything!


Please, gossip about me! Let retailers, sellers, etc. know that you learned about them via this blog as that helps me with advertisers, contest sponsors, interviews, special discounts, and other exclusives.

If you’d like to link to me from your blog or website with a graphic image, button, etc., there are options here. (If you’d like ask me about a link swap, please do not post a comment about it; contact me at SlipOfAGirl@gmail.com.)

If you’re a Big Fan, buy advertising and/or donate:

(Feel free to send me a message with your donation!)

You are welcome to contact me at SlipOfAGirl@gmail.com anytime.

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