Lingerie Link Round-Up: NWS Edition

Lingerie is sexy and there are times I don’t wish to ignore the erotic side of it, so this link round-up is dedicated to that. So if you don’t like mature themes or are not old enough to view such things, do not click any of these links.

Before we get to the link round-up, I’d like to remind you that I do talk more intimately about lingerie — including, as a Peck & Call Girl.

Now, on with the links!

At Storybook Whorehouse, the editor has put a twist on knickers with some sexy role play thoughts on the big pink pants I showed you!

Silent Porn Star shows us a lovely nude with corset stays courtesy of the morning sunlight. Breathtaking.

Silent Porn Star’s hubby shows us a pretty model posing in a pink bra and panties.

Pinkie’s husband on the anticipation of waiting to be ravished.

Image via Vintage Flash.

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