It Couldn’t Have Happened To A Nicer Vintage Lingerie Blogger

I say that with great irony, if not modesty *wink*

Here’s the story…

My daughter, now a teenager, has not the same love of lingerie as I. I know, I know; it kills me too!

Like many girls her age, she thinks fashion lies in skinny jeans, rock tees, and Converse All Stars. And what lies beneath it all? Who cares.

It doesn’t matter what I place before her. Or how often I leave her alone to shop. This young woman just doesn’t care about lingerie — or, I should say, “underwear,” because that’s what she calls it, be it bras or panties. *heavy sigh* Have I done nothing right?

There was a brief shining moment when I thought I may have have got her around the corner and into loving lingerie. It was that pretty looking and beautiful feeling PJ Salvage chemise.

But that seems to be a one time only affair. *even heavier sigh*

Well, there was that one time we shared a moment while watching Suburgatory

While my dear daughter didn’t really appreciate the shopping scene — I sure did. Enough to share part of it here. (Plus, it will help you to understand the moment we shared if you see this first.)

I laughed so hard, I cried!

My daughter just sat there, uncomfortable. Likely that’s exactly how she views our exchanges about bras — even if I’m not quite Dallas! lol

But the good moment my daughter and I shared came at the end of the episode, when Dallas brought Tessa the most beautiful pink bra (sorry, I couldn’t find any images of that, let alone shopping info). Tessa is determined not to crack in front of Dallas, but once Dallas leaves the room, Tessa admits is the most beautiful thing she had. I gushed, “Oh, yes!” and my daughter said, “I know, right?!” which, in case you don’t have a teen, means she too thought it was beautiful.

But that did not spur any change in my daughter’s lingerie fashion sense. *yet another sigh*

Flash forward a few weeks and my daughter comes home from school, all excited, wanting some “girl talk.”

Like most parents, I get a bit nervous at such announcements, but, well, you’ll see.

Ohmygosh, I just have to tell you, girl to girl, that I love thongs!

I sit there, wide-eyed and silent. Nope, not even a sigh escapes my lips; I’m that shocked. Not that that stops her in anyway from her gushing.

“I mean I just love them! They’re awesome!”

I recover from my shocked stupor and say, “OK… So how did you discover that?” — because I do most of the laundry and I know she doesn’t own any…

Turns out one of her friends gave her a pair — brand new, she insists. Too small, so she gave them away. And my daughter leapt into them. Right at school.

Practical hygiene matters out of the way, I then asked just what made thongs so awesome.

“They’re soooo comfortable!” she gushed.

I shuddered.

Then I probably sighed.

At which point she stopped and looked at me, assessing me with the criticism of youth.

Accusatory, and with pity reserved for an old lady, she asked me if I ever wore them.

It was a challenge I, somewhat condescendingly, rose to, telling her that yes I had — one can hardly judge something like that without having tried them — and that I find them anything but comfortable or awesome.

And then I retaliated a bit by laughingly commenting that she must have no feeling in her butt.

Girl to girl time was over.

Ultimately, the story ends like thongs themselves: a lot more up front than at the end, leaving me uncomfortable and embarrassed.

How I can end up with a daughter who eschews real lingerie and falls in love with thongs is beyond me.

I guess I’m just going to have to pay more attention to the sales on thongs that are listed in my Sale Mail Alerts from Shop It To Me. Like these SPANX® “Skinny Britches” Thong (shown in this post in “pale iris”) on sale at Bloomingdales for just $15.40.

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