Ayten Gasson’s Sinful Silk Panties

My friends at Ayten Gasson did me the honor of sending me a pair of their stunning silk panties. Bikini style, with a flirty silk skirt which discretely conceals a playful peek-a-boo cut-out on the backside.

They sent me these panties so long ago that I bet they’ve feared I’d never post a review — but the fact is, I was afraid to.

You see, on my meager budget, I don’t dally shopping for silk dainties. In fact, I own little silk… Mostly what I have in silk lingerie is antique and vintage pieces, valued fragile parts of my collection and not for wear. And most of my retail experience with silk has been of that awful washed silk of the 1990s… You ladies old enough remember those over-sized tops and broomstick skirts, right? Well, that’s not real silk.

Neither is silk chiffon. Most silk chiffon is made of polyester, nylon, rayon or blends of the same; and even if made from real silk, silk chiffon has a crepe-like grainy texture that always reminds me of bad sugar granulated frostings. *blech*

But real silk is sooo different. At once heavenly and sinful in it’s sensual appeal…

Just holding the real silk designer knickers made me tremble — with excitement and fear. After I wore the panties I’d need to wash them… Would it, could it, wash well? I couldn’t bear it if these panties lost their luster…

Finally I pushed past the premature sense of loss and seized the day: I wore the panties. Oh, the sublime feeling of wearing silk!  And all those little details of luxury lingerie! I tried to scan those details. (If the color etc. looks a bit funny it’s simply due to my attempts to get a detailed look at all the details; the panties are nothing but shimmering rich black silk deliciousness!) Look at the fine black lace, the pretty scalloped edges, the care of the hand made finished work!

I wore them and tried to forget all about my laundering concerns, to just enjoy the feeling of wearing them. Oh, and I did!

But washday must come…

Following the directions to hand wash them (always the preferred way to wash fine lingerie), I swished gently… Hopefully… But with some trepidation. But I needn’t have worried at all — they washed and line dried so well that I now wear them with a secret sexy smugness, I’m afraid. *wink*

If this one pair of panties is indicative of the entire label, it’s no wonder Ayten Gasson lingerie is as beloved and sought after as it is!  

While the specific knickers I was given (the Lady M Skirted Knicker) is no longer available, this is the signature skirted silk knicker from Ayten Gasson. Currently, you can find it in black in the Annabel Knicker — and variations on the classic turn up it every collection, in some color or other, often with contrasting lace, trims and other details.

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