Looking For A Sexy & Sensual Halloween Costume?

Have you ever wanted to dress up for Halloween (or some sexy role play fun), but felt the cheap costumes, well, cheapened everything — in a bad way? Icky fabrics, too much faux styling like plastic stays in corsets and cheesy details can ruin the sensual sexy fun that masquerade mystery is supposed to offer. *pout*

Chelsea Manor Intimate’s hears our cries of discontent and has decided to turn our unhappy pouts into sexy ones by offering an incredibly sexy Couture Costume Collection!

The limited edition high-end line of costumes is made of sophisticated and sensual fabrics like chiffon, satin and velvet and has dreamy corsets and petticoats, masks, gloves and other accessories…

I just had to ask…

What was the inspiration behind a couture line of classic sexy Halloween or masquerade costumes?

Chelsea Manor’s motto is “Explore the darker side of sexy,” which is exactly what masquerade costumes enables women to do. Masks and an outfit heighten one’s fantasy and Chelsea Manor wants to be the one to take you down that path… There is a sexy mystery waiting to be discovered behind the costume which can only be revealed when it comes off.

I noticed in the costume descriptions the phrase “soft boned” — does that mean plastic boning?

All that materials used in the Couture Costume line surpass the typical costume. The costumes are only made of from high end materials that present a luxurious look and believable ensemble. Materials that are used for the costumes are velvets, satins, chiffons and include a corset with metal wiring.

There you have itCouture Costumes for adult women in four rather traditional fantasy ensembles but with uncommon and arousing appeal: Sexy Pirate Costume, Enchanting Alice in Wonderland, Sexy Vampire Queen, and my favorite, the Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume.

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