The Best Daily Maidenform Bras

When I first started my own bra shopping, the first brand name I went to was Maidenform. I’m not sure why; perhaps it was the ads. *wink* But the bras didn’t let me down then — and they continue to hold me up now, even though I’m larger and *ahem* more in need of support.

Since we’re talking support, here are a few of my favorite Maidenform bras for everyday…

* Maidenform® One Fabulous Fit® Tailored Demi Bra: Support where you need it, smooth so there’s no lines beneath T-shirts and other fitted (and sheer) tops, and a plunging neckline for V-necks and other low-cut fashions.

* Maidenform® Custom Lift® Tailored T-Shirt Bra: Each cup size in the Custom Lift line is designed with its own unique lift feature to custom fit your bra size. These bras also are smooth looking under tees and fitting tops and have a plunging neckline — plus they have a satiny finish.

Both of these bras come in practical basic colors (white, black, beige) as well as fashion colors and prints. But the best part is that they offer great fit, lift and support — of your breasts, fashion sense, and wardrobe. Having a few of them, in the practical colors especially, and your hectic mornings are made easier because you won’t waste time rushing about trying to find a bra that works with your outfit.  Ditto ease in travel when you pack a pair of these in your suitcase.

Both of these Maidenform bras are in an affordable price range ($35 or less — and on sale at Maidenform now!) and are available in sizes up to 38 DD.

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