Lingerie & Fashion Link Round-Up

What I’ve been reading… And what I think about it.

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant’s put out a book, The Fashion File: In this bit of promo coverage at The Wall Street Journal, I don’t see anything you can find here or at Jaynie’s Here’s Looking Like You, Kid.

This time I take Icky Vicky’s side: People at a shopping mall complain kids can see lingerie ads at play area. So, let’s get this straight… Walking with kids past the ads is fine, but playing near them is traumatic? And how bad must the play area be that kids don’t play, they stare at ads?

European women’s wear retailer Aurora Fashions has said it plans to offer 90 minute online delivery for the majority of its consumers by February next year. Sounds like good news for those in the UK who have immediate fashion needs.

Agent Provocateur launches their Home Collection: Here’s what I think.

Pampered Passions has partnered with HIOWAA in the UK to assist with National Bag a Bra Day, May 26th each year. Pampered Passions is the drop-off point for gently worn bras from donors which are then shipped over to the UK for delivery to West Africa. Their goal is to gather over 10,000 bras before April 31st, 2012, to be delivered to HIOWAA in May 2012. I think that’s nice and all; but there are plenty of women in the United States, the UK, wherever you live, that are in need as well. So, ladies, don’t forget to donate your bras locally. Even if turning them into a local thrift store where millions in need shop every day.

Armani partners with Rihanna for a sexy ad campaign photographed by Steven Klein. “The concept was based on a classic film noir, giving it a contemporary twist – sexy, yet sophisticated.” Rihanna, wearing a cropped blonde wig, poses seductively in and outside of a classic car. Like Jay Leno, I say few things say “Luxury” as well as a classic car. *wink*

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