Exclusive Nicole Gill Lingerie Interview (And Stunning A/W 2011 Collection Photos!)

As promised, an exclusive interview with Nicole of Nicole Gill Lingerie!

Nicole Gill Lingerie started in 2010, with all lingerie pieces handmade of 100% silk. The first two collections, “Welcome to the Tea Party” and “A Parisian Romance,” are now followed by the third and latest collection named “A Beautiful Sacrifice” which is full of classic lingerie pieces (bras, panties, girdles, corsets and even a teddy or two!) in rich burgundy and black silk with loads of black lace.

The collection draws inspiration from the story of Miss Saigon, blending vintage Vietnamese style with a more modern daring including rather risqué shapes and designs. What’s more, the “A Beautiful Sacrifice” lingerie collection was specifically shaped by the way Miss Saigon‘s character of Kim sacrifices her own life in order to improve that of her son.According to the designer:

The Miss Saigon story has always stuck with me, I thought it was the perfect influence for my A/W collection as it is dramatic, yet romantic.

Nicole’s lingerie pieces are not merely stunning, but so is her design philosophy; the sort of stuff that one can really only do when they have their own label, rather than working for a major retail brand. So I was glad to steal a bit of time with the 23 year old lingerie designer — and during the busy UK Lingerie Awards yet!

Hi, Nicole — in general, what drove you to become a lingerie designer?

I originally started studying Fashion and Contour Design at De Montfort University because I wanted to design bridalwear. However, as the course progressed I fell in love with designing and producing lingerie pieces. After graduating I decided that the best outlet for my creativity was to start my own lingerie collection. This would give me the freedom to design what I wanted, in my own style.

The inspiration behind this latest collection is interesting… One rarely hears of “sacrifice” as the motivation or meaning for black lingerie — unless it’s a wistful lament about pricing *wink* Are your designs typically so conceptual?

I love creating and designing pieces to a theme; I like to see the inspiration behind a collection. The ‘Sacrifice’ element in the title was referring to the story of Kim, the heroine of Miss Saigon.

As an artist or designer, how difficult is it to merge the inspiration or fantasy with the practical issues of fit, etc.?

As a lingerie designer I already know what boundaries there are when constructing pieces. So once I have my inspiration I am aware of the elements I can use and what would work within the restraints of practical lingerie. I have the most freedom with Nightwear pieces as there aren’t many restraints!

Do you collect lingerie? If so, how does that affect or inspire your work?

I do have a draw full of lingerie! It is hard not to buy pieces when you are surrounded by a world of beautiful lingerie. Yes, I feel that this does inspire me – I know what fits well and what looks good.

What’s the one thing you think is least understood or appreciated about lingerie and lingerie design?

I think that the time and effort that goes into these small but intricate pieces isn’t fully understood.

I couldn’t agree more!  Take a look at Nicole Gill Lingerie and I think you’ll agree too.

All pieces from Nicole Gill Lingerie are handmade by Nicole using 100% silk; in sizes 8 – 16, bras 32A – 36D.

Image credits: All photos via Nicole Gill Lingerie; photos taken in the gardens of Birmingham’s Castle Bromwich — with Nicole’s sister, Charlotte, as the model. Video here!

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