Lingerie Link Round-Up: From The Weird To The Fabulous — And Beyond?

This week’s lingerie link round-up — in no particular order, really. (Don’t let the title fool you into thinking I have judgements — you’ll know when I make judgements! lol)

1. Been watching RuPaul’s Drag U? If so, have you noticed that Corset Connection is a show sponsor?

2. Nicole Gill Lingerie releases the third collection tomorrow. (Pssst, guess who’s working on an exclusive interview with the designer right now? Yup! It’s me! Stay tuned.)

3. The new What Katie Did Collection just arrived at Mio Destino (yesterday) and they are offering FREE SHIPPING* on any What Katie Did orders placed before September 4th, 2011. The free shipping is for those in the UK; if you live outside the UK, you can save £3.95 (approximately $7.25 USD or 4.50 Euros) on your choice of shipping. Simply enter code WKD08 to get the savings.

4. You know how I feel about Icky Vicky… But news is news. And, anyway, this news further underscores just how VS is moving even further away from it’s original core mission: Victoria’s Secret has launched a range of athletic apparel called VSX Sexy Sport. (And we thought Pink was bad enough!)

5. Anyone have any ideas on what’s up with these “Dube Du Special” panties?

6. …Maybe they reference a little something that Oscar De La Hoya would blame for his own wearing of lingerie? *wink*

7. Could drugs or other intoxication be the reason for 3,000 Pair of Panties Found Along Ohio Highway?

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