Sometimes My Cross-Dressing Pals Turn Me On To Things

UPDATE: I no longer recommend this site/company as they rip people off!!! Links pulled.

If it weren’t for one of my favorite cross-dressing clients, I probably wouldn’t know about these beautiful satin and lace ruffled panties…

You see, during a conversation about panty preferences, I confessed that I prefer not only full-cut panties, but those made of nylon — for the sensual aspects of greater coverage of the pleasing material. When pressed to address my thoughts about satin panties, I stated that satin is nice on the outside, but inside, the part that’s next to your skin, that’s not as pleasant… And then I admitted that on a number of occasions I’ve worn my satin panties inside out so as to enjoy the feeling myself. *blush* (I blush, but it’s true! Admit it, you have at least wanted to, too, right?)

That’s when he shared a link to this site where I found the fabulously flouncy panties — which are also lined in sensuous satin!

And, they are also available in a true high-waist style — the same cut, shape, and flounces as the full panties, but with a three inch higher waist! (Just $5 more.)

Custom sizes, as well as some kinky alternatives, are also available… Though, to be honest, few things at this site are “practical” and therefore most items are for fetishists, whether you want to accept that label or not. *wink*

Now, before I share the link with you, I must warn you that most of you probably won’t like the name of the site. Frankly, I don’t. But, ladies and gents, don’t be a real baby and let the name TheAdultBabyStore scare you off. What I’m seeing at this site has me dying to feel them, to wear them… And the name of the site or even the panty doesn’t really matter, does it? (Though the lovely ruffled panty has the pretty name of Kikki).

Anyway, I’m now saving for a pair of these panties myself and when I get a pair (or two?) I’ll share my thoughts in a review.

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