The Finer Points Of Garter Belts For All Women

If you ladies need to be seduced into getting — and wearing — garters, check out this fabulous description of the Hush, Hush Sweet Garter at Hips & Curves, a plus size lingerie specialty shoppe:

Yes, pantyhose have their place in the world, but you’re missing the finer points of erotic disclosure if you don’t consider this shape-smoothing garter belt for both intimate and practical occasions.

Take your buttoned-up office apparel for example. Only you and the water cooler know what’s really going on under your skirt or pant. And the wonderfully selective “memory fabric” will only recall how to keep its 2-way stretch front panel for shape and support … while happily oblivious to whatever else you might be doing… or with whom. (However the 6, adjustable metal tab garters speak volumes).

So even if your lusty demeanor and Mona Lisa smile give you away, you can count on the Black or White nylon Lycra fabric to be the epitome of discretion. Oh, and did we mention that this belt nicely holds up your hosiery?

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