Bear With Me; Bare With Me…

Sorry the posts have been so skimpy (Can a lingerie blog have posts that are too skimpy? *giggle*), but as I said, I’ve been busy with life while trying to put this all together… But I am happy to announce the official A Slip Of A Girl’s Ultimate Panty Survey!

Inspired in part by the panty shopping habits post as well as what I feel is a long overdue chance for all of you to chime in. Now it’s your time to talk back to me, the lingerie industry, lovers and gift givers, and share your thoughts and habits on the most fundamental of foundation garments, the most intimate of intimate apparel — panties.

If all goes well, this may be the first in a series of surveys on lingerie… (This took a lot more time than I thought, so we’ll see what the response is.) Why start at the bottom, so to speak? Well, as I’ve stated before, women buy a lot of panties. So it seemed the correct place to start.

Anyway, the survey relies on you to make it happen. And the more responses we get, the more fun it will be! So share the link, blog about it, email your friends, tweet it, post it at Facebook; whatever you do to share this post and the survey link will give us more responses, more information, more facts on what figures in lingerie, especially panties! I thank you in advance *kisses*

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