Deep Freeze

Seriously; it’s too hot.

Too hot to even blog.

I’ve got plenty of posts in draft, but I just can’t bring myself to focus long enough to finish them up. Which is a shame because I have so much to say… *heavy sigh*

So, while we wait for all my bombastic lingerie posts to continue, console yourselves with another link round-up, OK?

(I’ll try not to fall into the deep freeze while I’m away!)

#1 I double-dog dare you to take the Bringing Sexy Back ~ Challenge #3:

Purple is the new black, 40 is the new 30, and Mr. Clean is the new Justin Timberlake! Huh? Yup, you read that right! Clearing out clutter in your home can actually amp up your sex life and sexilicious sex factor. In this edition, we will be specifically focusing on your undergarments. Remember, everything is energy! Thoughts, things, and even intimate wear send out magical doododoots (my sound for energy waves being emitted) attracting comparable things.

Do you see where this is going?  If you wear skeevy skivvies, you may attract a skeevy skuzball!!  You wear icky bras, you feel icky about yourself.

Like where that’s going? Then take the challenge! (Maybe when it’s cooler! lol)

#2 If you’re feeling dizzy from the heat, heading to the air conditioned mall may not make you feel better: Lingerie shopping can make you dizzy! (We’ve all been there!)

#3 Oh, and I did manage to rant over here… I’m sure y’all agree with me.

See you after sun-down — or tomorrow, if it’s cooler.  I hope!

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