Truths In Advertising — And Pantyhose

I spotted this Google ad here at A Slip Of A Girl. (I’m only showing you the image and not giving you the link so that one, I’m not violating any Google ad rules and two, because as you’ll see, there are some ethics involved.)

I was fascinated by what I was seeing — panties over the hosiery?!

Sure enough, through quite a bit of searching, I found another image from the same photo shoot and the panties are indeed over the black hose.

I know it’s an artsy way to present the lingerie — and it certainly got my attention! But I’ve never liked pantyhose that much; I’m a good old fashioned (preferably fully fashioned) stockings girl, myself. And even when pantyhose were the best option, like with those mini-skirts in the 1980s, I still preferred my own panties underneath the pantyhose. Even if the panties were built in.

[In the interest of full disclosure (or is that TMI? *giggle*) Victoria’s Secret Icky Vicky used to make “lingerie for legs” that had a pretty “French panty” in denser darker denier in them that I did rather like… More than most, anyway.]

However, as a general rule, I don’t like pantyhose up against my *ahem* skin.

But kudos for the lovely photograph. It was so visually interesting that I scoured the Internet looking for its origins. That’s Rachel Alexander wearing Andres Sarda lingerie. The Winter 2010/2011 collection, in fact.

And no, the company which placed the Google ad which started all of this does not carry Andres Sarda, let alone pieces from that actual collection. Shame on them for using that image then.

But now, after all my work is done, we all can talk about our hosiery preferences *giggle* And, of course, admire the pretty lingerie by Andres Sarda.

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