This Week’s OMG In Lingerie (Or, Will The Real Lady Duff Please Stand Up?)

This week’s Oh. My. Gawd. in lingerie is this stunning, elegant, whisper-peach negligee with ecru lace by Lady Duff Lingerie.

While this gown is a real looker, there is something to clarify here…

This item has a Lady Duff label, but that does not make it a Lady Duff Gordon garment. In fact, that label is the precise proof that the lingerie is not made by Lady Duff Gordon.

Lady Duff Gordon designed under the name Lucile, a more couture version of her given name, Lucy. In the articles, there are plenty of other indications that this lovely vintage nightgown is not a piece made in Lady Duff Gordon’s line, during her design years — or even in her lifetime. However, most simply put, the mere presence of the Lady Duff label means this is not Lucile lingerie; it is not a creation by Lady Duff Gordon. So, with all due respect to my pal Sweet Cherry, whom I do adore and buy from, I must clarify that point.

Unless you are specifically collecting Lady Duff Gordon fashions, or anything from / about this incredible designer and Titanic survivor, there’s nothing wrong about buying lovely Lady Duff Lingerie — it’s beautiful vintage lingerie! (I’ll be proving it to you more next week!) Just be careful to look at which Lady Duff lingerie or items you are looking at.

UPDATE: Go here for more on this story!

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