Getting Around To Open Backs…

I know that the seller of this vintage Sears nylon nightgown photographed the open back on the front of her mannequin because the mannequin is one of those front-formed hanger kind of display pieces…

 But seeing the breasts appear in the large open area like that reminds me of what we used to do with all our sweaters in the 80s.

Taking a page from the 50s and 60s, we would take the v-neck button-up sweaters and flip them around to make a sexy back to button up — an invitation to button down!

We’d take the big over-sized shaker sweaters and vests with the deep Vs — the ones you were supposed to wear over a button down shirt with a skinny tie or bolo tie — and wear that sweater backwards, the deep V exposing a sexy back. (And usually the sweater became a mini-dress, belted with a wide patent leather belt or a set of chains.)

We enjoyed framing the sexy goodies any way we wanted. It extends one’s wardrobe quite a bit too.

So, then, why not wear this nightgown backwards? In the privacy of your home, of course *wink* Even if that fitted front lays a little lumpy in the back, I doubt anyone will be looking there!

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