A Conversation About Conversational Underwear

I have very mixed emotions about the What Would Your Mother Do? line of “conversational underwear”

With teenagers of our own, it is important to us that they make good, informed decisions – but, more importantly, that those decisions are theirs. With an empowering message and a little bit of humor, WWYMD’s conversation underwear aims to give girls another fun avenue to express themselves.

The simple question, “What would your mother do?” is a cheeky mantra to inspire healthy and intelligent decisions to benefit all girls everywhere. Our collection is feminine, stylish and comfortable. A bit serious, and a tad fresh…take these playful t-shirts and boy shorts any way you’d like!

Some of it’s a little, well, mean. Or at least taunting, with it’s “Dream On” and “Game Over.”

And the “zip it” boy shorts?

 Forgetting that I dislike boy shorts, is that slogan to remind men? Not that a man is entitled to sex when he sees a woman in her panties, but it seems the conversation should be had earlier than that.

If “zip it” is to inspire young ladies, why isn’t the slogan printed so the wearer can read it?

Is it a line of last defense? …Not sure a tagline on panties is much of a defense.

Oh, I don’t know… Perhaps the best thing is that we’re having any sort of conversation about sex at all. What do you think?

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