Sew, You’re Feeling Like A Lingerie Designer…

If you’re ready to put the needle to the fabric and get yer lingerie design on, there are vintage tips on sewing lingerie from nylon tricot over at Things Your Grandmother Knew.

But if you aren’t feeling so competent with that needle and thread…

Esty Lingerie — that’s E-s-t-y, not online marketplace Etsy! — presents the 2011 International Lingerie Design Competition. And the cool thing about this lingerie design contest? You don’t have to be a designer or even know how to sew!

“We are not asking or technical patterns, just great ideas!”

So, if you’re a lingerie lover with some ideas, you can enter the competition along with inspiring designers — and you could very well win!

What could you win? The winning design will be produced and sold as an exclusive, limited-edition item at Esty Lingerie!

(All proceeds from sales of the winning design will go to Esty Lingerie Ltd., not to the winning entrant. True, it’s not a money prize — but how cool would it be to see your lingerie designs come to life?! Folks would be able to buy and wear your designs!)

How do you enter?

Design one of the following two items:

– A bra & brief set
_ A babydoll & brief set
Brief refers to any style e.g. thong, boyshort, mini etc.

Submit the following:

_ A sketch/drawing of your proposed design
(*.jpg, *.pdf or *.doc format)
_ Description of fabrics/embellishments used
_ 50 to 100 words on why your design will fit well on the Esty Lingerie website
_ Your name, date of birth, address (including country), email address and telephone number

Submit all entries to

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit — and you have until May 10, 2011 to enter.

Please see the official rules here. Good luck!

(I’m hoping things will settle down here enough to be able to enter this one myself!)

  • SlipOfAGirl says:

    Treacle, I understand the pirating concept; it's the accusation I'm having difficulty with…

    How do you know for certain that they don't have the legitimate item? People buy overstock, last-season, imperfects, etc., and sell them — often providing images along with inventory just for Internet sales. Twenty times a day I receive offers with similar arrangements. Use of

  • SlipOfAGirl says:

    And, to clarify, I am against the use of photos you do not have the right to use; but if a vendor provides them to you, how do you know otherwise?

    I guess I'm just not comfortable assigning the label of piracy without knowing the whole story.

  • Treacle says:

    @ASlipofaGirl–What about when people purchase these corsets (as the corsetiere SugarKitty did when her images were being knocked off) and prove they're fakes?

    GSugarkitty's review of one of her knockoffs.

    Every blogger obviously has to do what they're comfortable with. My

  • Treacle says:

    To respond to that latter point, what if a vendor is providing images of a corset that we know is handmade by one individual corsetiere?

  • Treacle says:

    And I'm not insinuating that you don't support the industry. It's more than obvious you do. I also don't speak in insinuations (I much prefer the direct approach). But I've learned this is something a lot of people (including industry people) aren't really talking about or questioning.

  • SlipOfAGirl says:

    I don't want to argue with you, Treacle. I agree with you that the misuse of intellectual property is not good, for any industry, be it images or knock-offs. But so far I have not seen proof of this at Esty — flags, perhaps, but proof.

    I have contacted the folks at Esty to see if they have any comment.

    As for cases when vendors provide images which are false (either in

  • This competition makes me kind of nervous as well. At first, it did sound really exciting and I was happy to hear encouragement for any kind of lingerie design competition (I mean, I see *sooo* many for general design competitions, but never once has an undergarment piece been featured on even one episode that I am aware of*)

    But then you mentioned that the website keeps all profit,

  • SlipOfAGirl says:

    Hey Dottie,

    Yes, it's rather "exploitative" in the sense that the contest owner makes the profits off your design — however, the company has all the risks. They invest in the inventory and hope they will sell — and at a profit above the costs.

    Anyone anywhere can draw a design and contact a company to make their designs. But even the cheap overseas companies

  • Oh, I totally understand that the manufacturer is taking the risk and all of the work of production (trust me, I am in the middle of that headache right now, ha!) But, still, every design competition I have seen, even the small budget/small company sponsored ones, offer *some* sort of compensation as a prize, whether it is an upfront cash amount, percentage of sales, at the very least free

  • Treacle says:

    @SlipofaGirl–I apologize if I came across a little heated. I've been doing a lot of research and talking with others about this particular topic for the past couple of days so it's right at the front of my mind. I want you to know that I didn't mean any disrespect or insult. In retrospect, I should have slowed down a little before responding. :)

    I'm glad you

  • Catherine says:

    So as you probably know, I'm good friends with Sam at FGM, and with Morgana, as she's my photographer/model/genius.
    The burgundy and cream corset is an FGM picture of a miss katie corset. Miss Katie is an individual corsetiere who hand makes all her garments in a small studio in the UK. There are no overstocks and no seconds. She only supplies to small boutiques. In the unlikely

  • Catherine says:

    Also worth noting that in the UK (welcome to Britain, we have ALL the legislation!):
    The E-Commerce Regulations require that all commercial web sites make the following information directly and permanently available to consumers via the website:

    the company's name, postal address (and registered office address if this is different) and email address;
    the company's

  • SlipOfAGirl says:

    Again, waiting (with fingers crossed) for someone at Esty to reply to all of this, but…

    I did not mean to imply ignorance was legal protection here in the US; but rather that it's up to the copyright or property owner to press complaint or charges, which involves the heavy lifting of policing. And if the buyer/retailer presumes or is told that the images provided are legal to use

  • Hi, I represent Esty Lingerie and was asked to reply to your messages. We have 4 trusted suppliers who all provide us with the images that we use. However the three that someone has mentioned above are all from the same 1 supplier so we are already investigating your claims to see if these images are indeed pirated by our supplier and passed on to us and I can assure you that if we find that they

  • I can confirm that we have been talking today with someone at FairyGothMother and have removed the corsets mentioned from our site.

    Please don't let this put you off our site. We stock a wide range of garments from 4 suppliers, with genuine branded products from brands such as Leg Avenue, Coquette, Music Legs, Elegant Moments, G World etc. We also sell items hand-made by individual

  • Treacle says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing, Esty! :)

  • badside says:

    Gosh, here I was thinking this was just some fun little contest. I guess nothing is ever as simple as it seems! Kudos to all for bringing these issues to light and discussing them here for our education.

  • Rick says:

    I wasn't really interested in the contest so I didn't read the comments until I saw 19 of them. I just want to say I am so sorry you got caught up in something you did in good faith and got hammered depending upon someone you trusted to not lead you down the road. I was going to mail this but thought "no, if it played out in a public forum I'll send this in a public forum

  • Anonymous says:

    When are you coming back slip of a girl?

  • badside says:

    Slippy where are you? Hope everything is OK. I hope your absence isn't due to the whole contest thing. I think I speak for all your loyal readers when I say that none of that was your fault in any way. Well, hope you are OK and that we see you here again soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where are you Slip?

    You're missed!

    Mike (UK fan)

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