Joy & Pain

Sunshine and rain.

That’s what the past week has been like.

Dealing with the ex is never fun; though the pain and hurt for my child is much worse than anything the abusive control-freak says to me anymore.

I seek refuge not only in my boudoir, but behind my frilly hems, looking for peace and pretty things to give me hope…

But there is good news too.

Gracie is back — restarting Sex-Kitten.Net again! It’s not always wok-safe, you know — but so much fun. And even though we email and chat now and then, I’ve missed her posts. (She’s asked me if I want my own Boudoir; but I don’t think I can add another blog to my to-do list.)

And contests are to come for all of you, so there’s that to look forward to.

I do my best to keep my chin up. I hope all of you are doing so too!

Photo by Rina Rea via Smoke & Mirrors (also not work-safe).

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