Will You Go Dotty Over These Changes?

As you can see, I’ve been busy revamping the site; too bad I didn’t look as good as the pinup doing these sorts of repairs and maintenance! *giggle*

I realize some of you dislike change — and I too loved the look of the old site (and the hard work I put into tweaking and personalizing it), but it was time… Time for a major update because the template I was using was no longer that compatible with the latest Blogger features — and with more upgrades and features to come, I no longer wanted to risk bigger problems.

Since I was going to have to roll my sleeves up (and my stockings down!) to revamp the site, I decided it was the perfect time to find out if there were other issues I needed to address as well. I mean there’s no sense in working so hard on something just to have other problems remain — or even create new ones. So I went to my blogging and Internet experts, Deanna and Laura of UP to the DL, and paid for a website review.

I sprung for the dual review, because two heads are always better than one (and I figured my own shouldn’t count in the first round of analysis lol). The results were fare more in-depth, and, I’ll admit, a bit more intimidating than I thought. I mean naturally, we all want to hear there’s little if anything to do, right? But I had a number problems that I never would have seen myself (else I would have fixed them, right?)

Now I don’t want to give you the impression that the reviews were bullying or that they really were disguised pitches for other services; everything was stuff I could fix myself. If I wanted to, that is. Because as both Laura and Deanna stated, the things they pointed out and suggested were a matter of point of view if not opinion. In fact, there were somethings they even disagreed on themselves.

But it wasn’t confusing because each item on the list came with their individual reasoning — which they say they provide because, “as the webmaster, you know more about your market, visitors and readers than anyone else, so you are the one to best decide if the suggestions are in your site’s best interest.”

How’s that for putting me back in the driver’s seat? *wink*

They also noted in the detailed report things that were more a subjective matter of personal taste.

(One of these things was Laura’s personal dislike of the pink color; which I found rather amusing since the majority of lingerie bloggers — including those who have named A Slip Of A Girl as an inspiration for their blog — all use the same hot pink! At first this seemed like a reason to defend the choice of color. But then I got to thinking that maybe it was time for a change… This blog has not only been pink but primarily so for it’s entire life. Maybe it was time to change the color and shake things up a bit? So I did. Opting for a black and white that I hope will let the lingerie photos “pop” a bit more. But of course there’s still some girlie pink accents!)

So, you see, while the matter of the shade of pink might have been a matter of personal taste, it still got me thinking… As did the other 20 or so things on the list.

Overall, I ended up thinking about the proposed changes and indeed the very idea of change and whether it’s really necessity at all. It was quite a bit of thinking. And then quite a bit of work to implement the changes I thought were best. (Hence my few posts last week.)

However, as I mentioned before, this sort of work leaves me more motivated to blog. And I hope the changes help you, the readers, too.

Now, I sincerely hope you’ll be as “dotty” over the new look as I am, but please, if you spot any boo-boos, or if there was some widget or other in the sidebar you wish would return, do let me know! (I did my best to keep the very best stuff, but tried to decrease the time it took for pages to load.)

So take a look around the new and improved vintage lingerie blog — there are lots of new links to cool sites in the sidebar to find *wink*

As always, I love your comments and feedback!

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