Limericks Are Like Potato Chips (Or, Valentine’s Day Lingerie Contest News!)

There was once a lingerie blogger
Who really didn’t want to shock yer
But true as a bet
She had no modern corset
So for Valentine’s Day she tried to win one for sure.

Why am I speaking in limerick?

Because Kiss Me Deadly and Lulu and Lush have done more than collaborate on lingerie…

(Lulu and Lush corsets to go with Kiss Me Deadly lingerie!)

They’ve got a lingerie limerick contest for the holiday!

Write your own valentines limerick
Post it on the net somewhere with a link back to here.
Comment on this post with a link to your limerick on our Facebook.

We’ll put the best in the window, and the very best will win a full set of the Kiss Me Deadly Red Jolie set plus the matching Lulu and Lush underbust corset. Anyone who writes one that makes me snort with laughter, I’ll probably send you a voucher.

I doubt my limerick writing abilities will get me in any windows, let alone win, but writing limericks is like eating potato chips — I can’t stop at just one!

There was a woman from the U.S.
(To be more precise, the mid-west)
She loved lingerie
From the U.K.
But custom tariffs kept her from the best.

(If you really must know,
She lived close to Fargo
But she didn’t have the movie accent)

Maybe I can make Sam aka The Fairy Goth Mother snort with laughter?

In any case, here’s another:

There was a woman made so happy
By lingerie of lace and so strappy
She loves how it feels
Wearing it in high heels
As a Valentine’s gift it’s anything but sappy!

And I allowed myself just one more, for the cross-dressers I adore…

There was a woman, a wife
Who found herself with Valentine’s Day strife
Seems his hand in her drawer
Wasn’t a sizing what-for
He’d been wearing her panties their whole married life.

The cross-dressing she might not have minded
(Even if her panties covered both their hind-e’d)
T’was the knock at the door
That sent her to the floor
The lingerie he sent himself that holiday had her shock-ed.

Now it’s your turn! Write your limericks as contest entries and just for fun — don’t blame me if you can’t stop either!

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