Questions About Matching Boudoir Slippers, Etc.

I received a few emails regarding boudoir slippers and Robert also asked about this related post about getting her to wear stockings (and other lingerie). What most of the questions boiled down to was the matter of matching colors. For example, red has many has many shades; how do you match and not clash? And what if her lingerie wardrobe has many colors — what’s the best color slipper to start with?

All good questions.

Here are my thoughts — and most of them are applicable to selecting a peignoir or robe too. *wink*

Reds and other colors can be a problem for exact matches; even black can vary quite a bit by dye lot. However, if you are trying to match glamorous boudoir slippers with a bra and panty set, the panties will be so far away from her feet — the whole lovely length of her leg between them! — slippers a bit off in color won’t really be so noticeable. This is especially true of black. With reds, however, it can still be more of a problem.

If you cannot take the lingerie into a store to match it, look at the red closely… Most red lingerie falls into the “cherry red” variety (a more blue-red than an orange-y tomato red) and most contemporary bedroom slippers are in this shade too. However, if your lady-love’s lingerie is more crimson (a darker more “blood red”) I would suggest a slipper that coordinates rather than matches.

Many ladies have lots of lingerie, but it tends to fall within the same color family. If you can find a common color, work off that. (You can always add more boudoir slippers at other gift giving times — and “just because” too!)

Other ladies, like myself, have so many pieces of lingerie in so many shades, that it really is a nightmare to try to find a color theme to work off of. In those cases, pick one lingerie ensemble, one bra and panty set or one nightie, and dedicate yourself to finding the perfect slippers to go with it.

When coordinating colors to compliment lingerie, keep color families in mind as well as the overall look. For example, pastel lingerie with beige stockings works best with ivory slippers; pastel lingerie with white stockings works best with white slippers.

(However, if you’re a foot lover who prefers the contrast of slipper against stocking… stick with the beige stockings or match the slipper with the lingerie. Pink bra, panty and garter sets with pink slippers — with either the white or beige stockings, for example.)

Coordinating a boudoir slipper with either a less common color of lingerie (anything other than black, white, ivory or that true-blue-cherry-red) or an entire collection of intimate apparel in various colors can often be done with metallic colors. Silver, gold and bronze are rather neutral, yet very glamorous!

Remember, if the bedroom slipper color selection is limited, you can opt for strappy sandals from the shoe department too.

In most cases, a boudoir slipper has a lower or “kitten heel” rather than a high heeled stiletto. This is a matter of comfort (a lady removes her high heels and slips into something a bit more comfortable) and practicality (greater ease in walking, less chance of a pointy heel catching in the hem, etc.) — but it’s also one of appearance. Some nightgowns are designed with a sweeping floating hem to make the lady appear as if she is floating; the visible tall spikes of shoe heels rather ruin it.

But then again, look in any fashion magazine and you’ll see “street” shoes worn with high-end lingerie too. So maybe this is the look you and your lady love?

Most sexy bedroom slippers are slides or mules, allowing for the lady to simply slide them off. But if you adore the look — and deliciously slow removal — of all those dainty straps, don’t limit yourself to the classic designs. The Jennifer Ankle-wrap Sandal from Touch Ups comes with 13 different color satin ribbons, offering lots of color choices!

In any case, do not feel limited by the proffered selection of authentic boudoir slippers; feel free to wander over to the shoe department. (After all, boudoir slippers are often worn outside of the bedroom, into the living room, the den, the office… So why limit your glamour to what is printed on the box?)

The shoe department is an excellent place to find “slippers” to match the vibrant jewel tones of peignoir sets, teddies, and other intimate apparel pieces that go past the usual red, black and white. Just look at these incredible Pleated Ruffle Front Heels — I’m showing you purple (my favorite color!) but there’s hot pink, bright blue and an electric yellow too!

When in doubt, or desperate and there’s only the basic glamour girl colored slippers around, opt for white. I know, I know; you were expecting me to say, “Black.” But black at the end of an outfit can look like hooves. *shudder*

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