What Am I Doing?

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been changing things around here (and at the other blog), especially the adding of the “About” and “Advertising” pages, it’s because my blogging mentor has been nagging me about them — and I could no longer come up with a valid reason not to *sigh*

Along with increasing the potential to make a bit more money (and so be able to better rationalize my efforts and time here), the process forced me gave me the opportunity to think about what I’m doing here (and here). That is, as Martha Stewart would say, a Good Thing — for now I find myself with a renewed vigor for posting. Who knew? *wink*

A few more changes or improvements are still on the way, so if you find any boo-boos, or have any comments on the changes, please do let me know!

Image Credits: Silk Stockings Stories cover (volume 1, #9 July 1937) via Vintage Gal.

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