You Ask Questions; I Try To Address Them

Sooner or later, anyway.  (My intentions are greater than my available time, but I honestly try to get to them all!)

Kim asks, “You mention that you collect vintage lingerie, but, unless I’ve missed it, you don’t seem to show off any of your collection here… Why is that?

That’s a good question, actually. There are several reasons for it…

I’m a collector with very shallow pockets, so I have a very inexpensive collection. It’s quite large, though. I began collecting vintage lingerie when I was quite young; not as young as I was when I began collecting rhinestone and costume jewelry (I began collecting that as a little kid in the late 60’s and 70’s, so by the time I was hitting the clubs in the 80’s, I had the best accessories selection of anyone — and was quite envied / hated for it). But obviously, a kid isn’t exactly encouraged to buy used underwear, so I didn’t begin collecting lingerie until I was in my 20’s.

Anyway, even though I’ve amassed quite a collection, I don’t feel I have many show stoppers.Which is kinda silly on my part; I’m always thrilled to see what others have, and tell them not to be embarrassed that not every piece is the rarest museum piece.  So why am allowing myself to feel that way?  Who knows.

But this brings up another reason why I haven’t shown off my vintage lingerie collection — a more practical reason.

Taking photos — good looking photos — of the items has eluded me. I need a better digital camera, and a mannequin to show the pieces off better. (If you want to help, please hit the donation button!) Once I get a good digital camera and a mannequin — and some picture-taking practice in, I promise to share some pieces from my collection.

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