Putting A False Twist In Your Knickers (And Other Underthings)

Brooks Peters has something to say about the mispronunciation or words:

I’m not sure when this trend to mispronounce words in order to sound smarter than other people really got started. Perhaps it began with the “Scanties,” those wild evenings in the theatre during the Roaring Twenties when dancers wore nothing but very revealing lingerie on stage. If you love old movies, as I obviously do, you will notice that in the early Talkies, Americans still pronounced “lingerie” in an approximation of the French style: “lan-ger-ee.” But starting in the 50s, it seems, people started saying “lawn-ger-ay.” Pourquoi? Probably because they thought it had an accent on the end, and gave it a needless extra French twist. But it’s a false twist.

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