Dress-Up For Big Girls

This is a pretty vintage half-slip by Velma (with a lovely large bow treament!), but that’s not why I’m showing it to you…

I love how this photo captures a moment — a moment when you’ve decided exactly what you want to wear in terms of lingerie and accessories, but you haven’t made the final decision… The decision most people would call the most important one: what dress or ensemble to wear.

But when you start with a few of your favorite things, that perfect slip, those adorable and somewhat prissy pair of gloves, a favorite handbag… You feel like a little girl playing dress-up. And maybe you don’t want that feeling to end. So exactly what ensemble should you wear?  …Knowing that whatever you select will virtually cover-up or seem to diminish what you consider the best parts of your outfit, it seems best to just linger in the moment.

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