Fashion Designers On A Slab (And Corsetry Too)

You might be wondering why this (relatively clothed for this blog) woman is laying on a mortuary table here at A Slip Of A Girl

But my pal Deanna posted it along with this tantalizing bit:

And Laura Flook, embalmer turned model come fashion designer. Yup, you read that right. Flook is at Obscura looking for a mortuary table for her fashion shoots. As Ryan says, “One interesting thing about Laura is her devotion to art whether it’s a mortician, model or a clothing designer.” So devoted, yet this designer of clothing inspired by Victorian-era mourning wear is dreamily flabbergasted when she returns to Obscura in another episode to discover corsets. Admittedly, one of the medical corsets is not the normal corsetry that springs to mind; but she buys one that I’ve got in my own collection. This Flook is fascinating to me… The way she talks, everything. I hope she returns in future episodes.

And so I had to go see just want she was talking about!

The show Deanna was writing about, Oddities, is now one of my favorite shows! (It feeds my somewhat morbid side.)

Here’s a clip from the episode about finding Laura the antique cooling table. And here’s the clip where Laura discovers corsets!

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