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I know I’ve been rather silent here lately, but I’ve got my reasons…

As many of you know, my children and I are survivors of domestic violence. (That would be the former spouse, not the hubby I reference here.) And as such, I have a small group of fellow survivors that I’ve been fortunate enough to find on the Internet and we help support one another.

Lately we’ve been talking… Committing ourselves to better self-care.

And we thought we might share our progress with others with a new blog: More Than Surviving, Thriving.

As one of my cohorts, Miss Fussypants, says:

we’ve long been talking about sharing a place to talk in public about this under-exposed societal disease which threatens the lives of women and children — even after they are separated from their abuser. Naturally, there are plenty of official sites and legitimate organizations covering the issue, and I wouldn’t knock them for nothin’, but we felt there was something missing… Something that would be as beneficial to the public at large as it would be for us, the private at smalls, I guess.

And so, uncomfortably, we’ve begun the blog and I heartily welcome you all to visit.

You needn’t be a survivor of such things; you needn’t be suffering from any of the issues we are to learn a thing or two either. At least that’s our hope.

Maybe you’d just like to understand your friend or family member better as she goes through her own processes with recovery from abuse, her own struggles with weight loss or divorce, her own issues of self esteem becoming divorced, a single mother, etc. Or maybe you’d just like to learn a little more about domestic violence and its devastating results past the newspaper headlines and the studies… Maybe you’d just like to support me in this anything-but-glamorous pursuit. Whatever the reason, I’d love to see you there. *smile*

PS In case you missed the link in this post, my first post at this new blog is about how slips saved my life.

Image via Miss Fussypants blog; Photo by Rust2d; also at DeviantArt.

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