Behind The Blogs: Talking With Lingerie Bloggers, Getting Personal Part 3

Because each of us primarily blogs out of passion, I think it’s safe to say that what differentiates myself, Treacle of The Lingerie Addict, and Ally of Guilty Pleasures (and our blogs) is our individual needs, concerns with fit etc., our personal interests or tastes — our personalities. So, in this round of our lingerie blogger talk I wanted to get a bit more personal…

What is the one thing about you that you believe most gives the personality or voice to your blog?

Ally: This is a tough one. I really don’t know the answer to this question. Guilty Pleasures is the voice of several editors and each of them comes with their unique perspective and way of writing. Maybe it’s the blend of different cultures merged together by the common love for beautiful lingerie.

Treacle: I think it’s just being a young, regular woman. I’m not in the fashion industry. I’m not in media or PR. I don’t live in New York. I’m not rich. I’m not a model. I didn’t grow up understanding the point of lingerie. I’m a regular chick who writes about what I love. And that comes through in everything I say.

What’s the one thing from your set of experiences, as a consumer, a woman, a blogger — anything, which you think most affects and differentiates your blog?

Treacle: I started blogging when I was in graduate school, so one of things that’s influenced my blog from the very beginning is having a limited budget. I’m not one of those people who can pay full price for everything, much less for luxury lingerie. And so I think writing from the perspective of someone who’s in the same boat of wanting the best value for her dollars affects what I write about and how I write it.

Ally: I guess it’s the different voices and backgrounds of our editors. More perspectives usually imply more people being able to relate and recognize themselves in what’s being featured. And also support. We receive hundreds of emails and questions every day and we’re striving to answer everything within 48h the most.

What’s the one attribute (size, race, age, orientation/marital/relationship status, etc.) which you think most shapes your concerns and therefore your blog in terms of posts and selections?

Ally: The common values of everybody at Guilty Pleasures are tolerance and confidence. Lingerie is not about age, relationship status, colour or shape. It is/should be part of who you are regardless of your orientation, marital status or race. We should keep in mind that if the world wouldn’t be as diverse as it is, lingerie producers and retailers would be fewer and less distinct, as in the end their products need to answer the requirements of so many people, with so many different desires and needs.

Treacle: My ethnicity (I’m African American) absolutely influences what I care about. A few months ago, I wrote a very personal post about women of color in the lingerie industry, and it really resonated with my readers. I make no secret of my issue with calling a light beige/taupe color “nude” (I mean, really , in an industry where we can come up with 95 different names for the color pink, would finding a new name for “nude” be so hard?) or the fact that models in catalogues and ad campaigns are almost always one ethnicity. And it’s been really interesting to see what other consumers, lingerie designers, and photographers have to say on the subject.

The other thing that heavily influenced my blog when I was first starting out was my relationship status. I’ve been dating an amazing guy for a little over a year now, but for the first 18 months of my blog, I was single. And that really emphasized to me how lingerie is something women should wear for themselves, not for a partner, spouse, or significant other. And that’s still something I try to convey in my writing.

Slip: For myself, I’d have to say my age is most responsible for the personality of A Slip Of A Girl. (Readers, you are free to argue or state your opinion lol)

As a woman, I’ve managed to live through so many periods and phases in a woman’s life which affect her weight, shape, emotional perspective (including distortion) and her relationship with lingerie… I’ve lived through the teens and twenties, years which are filled with that special self-loathing that comes from measuring one’s self to impossible standards of “perfection”… Through pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing and all each brings in terms of bodily changes and reprioritization… Through divorce and domestic violence, which brought special challenges and lessons in terms of self-esteem… Even just being 40+ years of age shapes my outlook. I think my age gives me a broader “every woman” set of experiences.

All these decades of observations, perceptions (numerous internal beliefs and external constructs; some valid, some invalid) and exposures, which, when added to my educational and employment experiences, leave me a more sophisticated consumer.  Not merely predisposed to a jaded cynicism, searching for quality, but in desperate need of a real functional romance in lingerie and fashion.

What do you feel is your best physical asset — and which piece of lingerie are you most a sucker for because of it?

Ally: I love my boobs and I love corsets, but I’m a bigger sucker for cute panties.

Treacle: Oh boy…probably my booty. I used to hate my derriere because it is, shall we say, rotund. But now I love it. And I love how every kind of panty looks good on it.

I don’t really share photos of myself in lingerie because my blog isn’t about me — it’s about the romance and related practical matters of lingerie. And because of my complicated personal history, I opt to remain private and so avoid any sort of visual exhibitionism. Do you share photos of yourself in lingerie? Why or why not? Do you think this will change?

Ally: It depends of the individual style and evaluation of each of our editors. If pics and words link together into a good lingerie post, I don’t have anything against sharing photos of yourself in lingerie.

Treacle: I do share photos of myself in my lingerie, and this was something I thought about for a long time before I decided to do it. Photos of myself are by no means the primary draw to my blog, and I don’t view sharing pictures of myself as a form of exhibitionism.

I began sharing photos for a couple of different reasons. 1) People started thinking I was a guy, so I first put up a picture of my face to quell those rumors. 2) Later, as I did more lingerie reviews, I started posting photos of myself in the product to illustrate the text (something I want to do more of this next year). 3)Finally, I view sharing pictures of myself in nice lingerie, the same way I view fashion bloggers posting outfit photos. It’s a great way to get ideas and to share your style. It’s so funny, I thought my readers wouldn’t care one way or another about pictures, but they’ve gotten a great response, from both women and men. My female readers said they like seeing a regular chick dressed up, so it’s nice.

There’s still more to come! Come on back for the rest!

Image Credits: That last photo is Treacle looking fabulous in her burlesque performance!

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