Behind The Blogs: Talking With Lingerie Bloggers

One of the down-sides of being so busy with “the business of blogging” is that you no longer get to keep up with many of your favorite blogs, so I thought it would be interesting to talk about lingerie and lingerie blogging with two of my favorite lingerie bloggers, Ally of Guilty Pleasures and The Lingerie Addict, Treacle.

Because we had so much fun dishing about what we do, the intimate apparel industry, etc., our conversation will be in a few parts; this is part one.

How long have you been blogging?

Treacle: Since April 2008, a little more than 2.5 years.

Ally: Three years.

Because I sometimes want to ramble on or post about something other than lingerie, I have a secondary blog. Is your lingerie blog your only blog?

Treacle: My lingerie blog is currently my only blog. I had a travel blog when I went to Europe in 2008, and I’ve toyed around with starting another blog (and may do so in 2011) but right now it’s all lingerie.

Ally: Yes, it’s my only blog.

What inspired you to begin a site devoted to lingerie?

Ally: At its origin Guilty Pleasures wasn’t just about lingerie. As the name suggests, it was about many things that we see as guilty pleasures. Beautiful lingerie is just one of those hidden little secrets that we are not supposed to enjoy, but deep within we still do. As time passed, we simply focused more and more on lingerie because our readers started to ask more and more questions about the industry, where to find specific items for certain occasions, how to get the right pieces for their body shape and so on. At the same time, we also realized that if we want to do this properly, we have to stick to just one major focus – and lingerie is the core that the GP team is built around in the first place.

So I guess that ultimately, we were inspired by our readers :)

Treacle: Two things. One was all the other lingerie blogs I was reading at the time. Not just A Slip of a Girl (which exposed me to so much about vintage lingerie) but also The Lingerie Post, Knickers Blog, Guilty Pleasures, and Faire Frou Frou. I was just getting interested in lingerie, and having blogs to visit definitely helped stoke the fires of my new passion.

The other thing that inspired was the profound absence of lingerie reviews and advice…especially for newbies. There was no shortage of press releases, pretty pictures, and sale info…but I had no idea what lingerie was worth the money, which pieces I needed for my emerging wardrobe, or even why lingerie was worth paying attention to and being interested in.

Did you have a mission when you started? A goal?

Treacle: The first name of my blog was “Stockings Addict,” and it was very, very nylon focused and very, very review-centric. If you go back to my first 20 or so posts in 2008, they consist primarily of hosiery reviews and pictures of stockings I wanted to buy. So my first mission was to be the best resource for stockings, tights, garter belts, and other legwear on the internet.

Gradually though, I got more and more interested in other kinds of lingerie, and I started writing about those too. I also began getting lots of e-mails from people wanting advice about what to buy and I started answering their questions on the blog. After awhile, it became really clear to everyone that I wasn’t Stockings Addict, I was the The Lingerie Addict, and so I changed my name in early 2010.

Ally: Actually, although the way we present our information has changed a bit, our initial aim is the same: to share the little things that make us happy with the rest of the world and raise awareness, educate and prove that beautiful lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable to make you look and feel amazing.

What was your biggest fear when you started?

Ally: I don’t think that there was any fear when we started. Back then, there were just two girls teaming up to write about what they loved most. We never thought that Guilty Pleasures would turn out to be so grand. :)

It’s harder now, as there are many people who come to us with their lingerie questions. Their trust is incredibly flattering but sometimes we don’t know all the answers and our major challenge is to constantly offer relevant, reliable and entertaining information while still admitting what we don’t know. For example, I’m not a professional bra fitter and although I know how to find the right bra for me and I know all the theory behind, in practice, I still recommend everybody else to go have a professional fit.

Treacle: Hmmm…my biggest fear was my friends and family finding out about the blog. I grew up very conservative, and I grew up in the South so talking about your knickers online just didn’t seem like the thing to “do.”

When I began, my biggest fear was that my ex would cause trouble, but being “Slip” has removed that… (knock wood) My greatest non-controllable fear was sounding stupid, no matter what I’d “say.” I did it, I do it, and I’m over that now. *wink* Were your fears realized? If so, how did you handle it?

Ally: When we started, there were only two people that we had to answer to at the end of the day, now there are thousands. We listen to our readers and try to be as informative and helpful as possible while doing what we know best – writing about lingerie.

Treacle: Well I’ve recently told all my friends and family about my blogging activities, and they’ve been really supportive…especially my parents, who are just amused by the whole thing.

Now that you’ve been blogging awhile, have your goals or mission changed at all?

Treacle: Definitely. My goals and mission are continuously evolving, and I’m always thinking about ways to make The Lingerie Addict even better. Right now, I see my blog as the voice of the consumer in the lingerie industry, and as an expert resource for consumers. I also want my blog to be a platform to support and promote independent designers who don’t have the budgets for expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. And finally, I want to help spread the gospel of lingerie to “unbelievers”…that is, people who don’t think lingerie is important. Lingerie is the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe; without the right underpinnings, it really doesn’t matter how expensive the clothes you’re wearing on top are.

Ally: No. Guilty Pleasures has always been about helping women understand that lingerie is not just an undergarment. It makes you feel sexy and confident, it seduces as much as it empowers, it reveals as much as it hides. Ultimately, beautiful lingerie is part of being the best woman you can be.

And on that note, we’ll take a pause *wink* 
To Be Continued…

Images: Fabulous lingerie-themed art by XAV-Drawordie.

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